Launch of a unique study on values and identities among language minorities in Finland

18.2.2019 (Muokattu 28.3.2019)

The Finnish Cultural Foundation, e2 Research, the Finnish Ministry of Justice and the Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa have together launched a research project on societal values, attitudes and identities among Finnish residents whose first language is Russian, Estonian, Somali, Arabic or English. The project examines, among other things, the meaning of family, work, religion and mother tongue. Besides this, the study will provide important views on integration of different language groups into the Finnish society.

The data for the study has been gathered through face-to-face interviews in the greater Helsinki area, and the results will be published in two parts during 2019. The practical implementation of the study will be carried out by e2 Research. It is continuation to a recent research project on Finnish identities led jointly by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and e2 Research.

For more information, please contact Director Karina Jutila, e2 Research, tel. +358 50 5515 361,