Karina Jutila
Director, PhD in Social Sciences
+358 50 5515 361

Research could serve decision making better, I believe. This is why I work in e2 for democracy and a sustainable society: it is possible to reduce inequality and improve the state of the environment. My pamphlet Pilaako eliitti Suomen? was published in early 2017. My working life comprises research, training and expert assignments for Parliament and others. I am also well acquainted with political processes and participation.

Kaisa Karttunen
Researcher, PhD in Agriculture and Forestry Sciences
+358 40 7018 129

Food security and food systems from global to local are on my daily agenda. My earlier assignments in developing countries and FAO draw my attention particularly to climate change and environmental issues. I believe that the world will be saved plate by plate.

Ville Pitkänen
Researcher, PhD in Political Sciences
+358 40 7770 869

My areas of interest are democracy, political communication and campaigns, and science communication. The latest research projects that I have been engaged with have focused on values and attitudes of the Finnish people. Before joining e2, I worked at the Centre for Parliamentary Studies at the University of Turku.

Jussi Westinen
Researcher, PhD in Political Sciences
+358 40 833 5799

My background is in electoral research and currently I specialize in quantitative research on values, attitudes and political participation. I have a PhD degree from Åbo Academy in Political Science and my thesis focused on party-voter ties in the scope of societal cleavages in Finland in the 2000s. My interest and source of inspiration are societal phenomena and their plurality.

Jenni Simonen
Researcher, PhD in Social Sciences
+358 503465021

I find cultural and societal phenomena highly interesting, and thereby they have become my main research topic. Before joining e2, I worked as a Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Health and Welfare with families, young people, intergenerational relations and alcohol as main research themes. With this background and research history, my motivation is high to examine and understand experiences and enhance dialogue among different societal and cultural groups.

Aino Heikkilä
research assistant, MSoc. Sc. Social Anthropology
+358 44 3028727

I seek to understand the multidimensional effects of societal changes. That is how I found e2, where I work as a part of the research team. In my ethnography-based Master’s Thesis, I studied how the employees of a refugee reception centre handle the contradicting pressures from local and global influences.

Anni Savikurki
research assistant, MSc Agriculture and Forestry
+358 408 344 829

In my ideal world, agriculture is in harmony with the environment and provides sustainable food security for all.

This dream has taken me to developing countries, where I have studied innovation systems of Ghanaian small-scale farmers and worked in a value chain project in Ethiopia. I witnessed how improvements in the quality of the products increased the incomes of the households. For the food supply system to function well it however needs to involve active markets.

Systemic thinking requires an understanding of the various links between different factors. Within e2, I am keen to nurture this insight.

Risto Murto
Chairman of the Board

Juha Marttila
Member of the Board

Anna Herlin
Member of the Board

Ilkka Ruostetsaari

Hannu Kallio
Member of the Board

Johan Aura
Member of the Board