e2 now consists of three doctors: Jussi, Karina and Ville. We generate social scientific knowledge for the needs of organisations, businesses, the media, and political decision-making.


oes Finland have poor decision-makers and unpredictable people? Is the world chaotic and full of problems? The knowledge generated by e2 provides understanding about which elements of phenomena are fundamental and which demand a response. Succinctly said, e2 is professional research, clear presentation and fast processes all in one package.

The Chairman of the Board of the new e2 is Dr Ilkka Herlin. Among organisations supporting its operation are Keskitien tukisäätiö, the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners, MTK and Svenska Folkskolans Vänner. e2 is a member of the European Liberal Forum.

Quotations on e2

”Solving problems demands concrete scientific knowledge, which is where e2 comes in. The environment, democracy and social change are the leading topics.”

Ilkka Herlin, Chairman of the e2 Board

“A healthy society requires new, fresh thinking and a vision of a radical period of change, through which we will transition to a genuinely sustainable economy. Bioeconomy and new technology will play a major role in the change.”

Juha Marttila, Chairman of MTK, representative of a e2 funder

”The resolution of big problems requires international and national cooperation, expertise, and scientific knowledge in a number of fields.”

Tuija Talvitie, Deputy Chairman of the e2 Board and Executive Director

”A think tank can further the social impact of scientific knowledge by producing and delivering research results in a crystallised form. Knowledge on increasingly complex phenomena is required for decision-makers and public debate.”

Ilkka Ruostetsaari, e2 Board Member, Professor

The Doctors


KARINA JUTILA, D.Soc.Sc. has worked as a researcher, columnist, trainer as well as  in political back office positions, including in the Parliament. She has years of experience in generating knowledge for decision-makers.

 Jutila has studied political processes, the use of political power, civic engagement, and attitudes. In recent years, she has also immersed herself in the issues of global responsibility and the bioeconomy.


VILLE PITKÄNEN, D.Pol.Sc. came to e2 from the University of Turku Centre for Parliamentary Studies. He specialises in researching political communication and elections. His recent research topics have been expertise in the media and election campaigns. He has lectured both at universities and outside them. Commenting on current political issues in the media has been a part of Pitkänen’s job for many years.


The recent thesis of JUSSI WESTINEN, D.Pol.Sc. at Åbo Akademi concerns cleavages and party choice in Finland in the 21st century. His expertise lies in research on values, attitudes and voting behaviour, as well as statistical analyses.

Westinen is one of the authors of the 2015 National Election Study. He has lectured and been involved as an expert in various media. Westinen has also worked as a visiting scholar at the Universities of Gothenburg and Uppsala.