Professori Evelyn Forget: Kanadan perustulokokeilun tuloksia

TIEDOTE 8.12.2014

Professori, ekonomisti Evelyn Forget vieraili Suomessa marraskuun lopulla. Hän kertoi Kanadan perustulokokeilun tuloksista Kelan seminaarissa 24.11. ja eduskunnassa 25.11. Forgetin alustusta kommentoivat eduskunnassa kansanedustajat Paavo Arhinmäki (vas), Kimmo Tiilikainen (kesk) ja Ville Niinistö (vihr).

Professori Forgetin alustus ja video eduskunnan tapahtumasta löytyvät oheisista osoitteista. Alla lisätietoa.

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Evelyn L. Forget is an economist, professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba and Academic Director of the Manitoba Research Data Centre. She is an adjunct scientist with the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and a research associate with the MB First Nations Centre for Aboriginal Health Research. Her current research focuses on the health and social consequences of antipoverty interventions and the cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions.

Canada has profiled itself internationally both through a pilot project on basic income and research about its effects. A pilot project Mincome was carried out in Dauphin, Manitoba 1974-79. In 2009 Professor Forget researched what effects the basic income had had on the participants health. She found that in the period that Mincome was administered, hospital visits dropped 8.5 percent, with fewer incidents of work-related injuries, and fewer emergency room visits from car accidents and domestic abuse. Additionally, the period saw a reduction in rates of psychiatric hospitalization, and in the number of mental illness-related consultations with health professionals.